JP Corry, Tracking Community Investment
Tracking Community Investment at Built:East
JP Corry is a leading builders’ merchant, founded in 1814 and with 16 branches across Northern Ireland. As part of the global Saint-Gobain group, JP Corry takes sustainability seriously and sees SustainIQ as a key support in embedding proper measurement, proper transparency and proper impact across its operations. It is committed to being a net-zero carbon business and believes SustainIQ will help it get there more quickly, transforming not only its sustainability reporting, but its operational excellence.


The Built:East project was the result of the 2017 RSUA/JP Corry Belfast Flare Design Competition aimed at early career architects. Designed by DOUG Works, the design met the brief, which challenged entrants to create a “structure of beauty, intrigue and inspiration – a place and space that both locals and visitors will want to experience”. The landmark structure sits on the Connswater Community Greenway in east Belfast and was constructed using materials supplied by JP Corry, who were also a key project funder.

How is SustainIQ being used?

  • JP Corry started out by using SustainIQ to understand and measure the impact of its investment in community initiatives such as Built:East.
  • By tracking the time and resources spent on projects as part of its community investment, the company can monitor its inputs and those of partner organisations.
  • Later tracking the use and outputs of the projects enables JP Corry to understand the impact of its investment.
  • The company now uses the full functionality of SustainIQ to measure, monitor and report on all aspects of its sustainability.
  • By enabling multiple platforms to feed into one source, it provides the senior team with invaluable information that is used to improve every aspect of operational efficiency as well as sustainability performance.
  • On the Built:East project, SustainIQ helped record materials used to ensure they met with environmental criteria and provided an overall picture of the sustainability of the project.

What are the main benefits of using SustainIQ?

  • Sustain IQ allows JP Corry to effectively manage and record all data relating to community, environment and people..
  • Real-time reporting allows JP Corry to take into account factors that may impact decision-making – both strategic and operational.
  • It allows the business to track how it’s doing on its goal to reach carbon net zero by 2050.
  • From internal health initiatives and training to environmental impacts to tracking progress on community investments, SustainIQ provides all the data the company needs to see at the touch of a button.

Some key sustainability performance statistics:

322 hrs staff time to support 28 community groups through 30 different projects

86 weeks across 14 placements – 71% student, 29% long-term unemployed

550 hrs invested in employee health through 22 different initiatives


SustainIQ allows us to drill into our data to review and measure the community initiatives we have invested in. Seeing the quantifiable impact of those initiatives provides transparency and visibility to our staff on why we do the programs. Because the data all feeds into one source, we can draw down the information and use it to improve, not just our sustainability, but our operational excellence and fundamentally cost-efficiencies as well.

Ciaran McConnell, Managing Director, JP Corry

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