Our Solution

SustainIQ's integrated mobile data platform transforms how organisations manage their sustainability and ESG performance


Our clients use SustainIQ to increase efficiency and win new business by improving their productivity and bottom line.

Integrated Reporting Dashboard

Using the SustainIQ Integrated Reporting Dashboard, users can quickly gain access to quantitative data presented visually using graphs, performance charts and filtered reports. Qualitative feedback including supporting documentation and photographs are stored to produce performance reports and infographics. All data in the system is easily exported.
Using four unique pillars, we measure, monitor and report on your
environmental, social and economic performance in real time.
Responsible Procurement
Responsible Procurement

Global supply chains are an essential part of most businesses today. They aren't without their risks however, so it's critical they are closely monitored and managed. That way, you can minimise the risk and give customers and shareholders confidence your supply chains are both robust and responsible.

Using the Procurement Pillar, SustainIQ measures responsibility in your supply chain by calculating the socio-economic impact of your buying processes at local, national and international levels.

It promotes the use of sustainable and responsible products, materials and services and identifies which suppliers have invested in third party accreditations.
Environmental Management
Environmental Management

All organisations need to manage their impact on the environment and be compliant as an absolute minimum.

Understanding how and why your business generates waste and carbon emissions provides an opportunity to cut costs, improve productivity and become more sustainable.

Using the Environmental Management Pillar, SustainIQ calculates your environmental performance across multiple sites. The system alerts customers to any problem such as excessive waste, energy or water usage avoiding unnecessary cost.

Users can implement waste management plans, calculate carbon emissions, increase resource efficiency and promote biodiversity.
People, Health & Diversity
People, Health & Diversity

People are central to every successful organisation. Looking after their health & wellbeing and professional development is critical to attracting new talent into your organisation and retaining the skills and experience you already have.

SustainIQ monitors training & development activity, manages your equality, diversity & inclusion strategy and ultimately helps you improve the health & wellbeing of your people.
Community Engagement & Partnering
Community Engagement & Partnering

Calculate your organisation's impact on the local community. Users can input donations, community outreach, volunteering, educational initiatives, partnerships and responsible leadership across all sites.

Capture valuable feedback from stakeholder surveys and store special memories in the same integrated interface.

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