Nov 15, 2021 | marketing

Climate X
Event Date: 17 Nov, 2021

One of the first in-person conferences, happening in Belfast at W5 on 17 November, we're really looking forward to Climate X.

Strategically placed in the week following COP26 concludes, this groundbreaking event for Northern Ireland will act as a platform for local leaders to discuss the outcomes of the global summit and how any new policy or accords agreed by global leaders will impact local companies and organisations.

Attendees at Climate X will have the opportunity to hear from climate tech evangelists, industry leaders, activists and investors. Speakers and panellists will be discussing some of the big ideas and challenges surrounding climate tech, what actual impact the adoption of new technologies is having and the innovation taking place right here in Northern Ireland to help combat the climate crisis.

SustainIQ's session will look at 'Why Data is KEY to Good ESG'. Knowing where we are is the only way to work out how we get to where we need to be by 2030, and data is key in that process. Increased demands for transparent reporting on sustainability and ESG mean companies need to have credible data to inform their decision-making and avoid greenwashing claims. In this session, the importance of data in measuring and monitoring sustainability and ESG will be explored with four panellists.

Chair, Liam McEvoy from SustainIQ will look at how data can help uncover intelligence hidden within a company and enable it to be used to make both strategic and operational decisions about all aspects of ESG. Along with a panel from Business in the Community, Gilbert-Ash and Civica, he will discuss the benefits of tech in tackling the climate crisis, while not overlooking the social and environmental challenges it can bring.

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